On behalf of the membership of the Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC), welcome to our website. The MCC provides a forum for collaboration among its members to improve cancer outcomes for Michigan residents. We hope you find our site to be informative, whether it's for personal use or to further your organization's efforts in cancer control. If you have suggestions for how we can continue to improve this website, please let us know. Thank you.

Ernesto Drelichman, MD, FACS
Susan Hoppough,PhD, RN
Co-Chairs, Michigan Cancer Consortium


Using tobacco effects cancer treatment, wound healing, and the risk getting a second cancer.  It is never too late to quit tobacco, and there are free resources to help.  Click HERE for a brochure for cancer patients highlighting the benefits of quitting tobacco after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Michigan Tobacco Quitline Broadens Availability:
From June 1, 2012 – Sept. 30, 2014, Michigan Cancer Consortium members are able to fax refer cancer patients to the Michigan Tobacco Quitline, regardless of client insurance status. The following resources are available for health care providers:

Informational flyer

Fax referral form

"Improving Cancer Treatment Through Smoking Cessation" (educational poster)

Talking Points & Resources for Smoking Cessation

What's New

MCC Health Disparities and Policy Special Report - Results from the 2012 MCC Implementation Progress Report - This report summarizes the activities implemented by MCC organizations to address the priorities identified by the health disparities workgroup and the policy committee.

NewHealthy Michigan Plan Toolkit - effective April 1, 2014 New

NewMichigan Primary Care Association is happy to provide this Outreach & Enrollment Toolkit to Health Centers to support efforts to assist consumers in Medicaid, CHIP and Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment. The toolkit will be updated as new materials become available. Please contact our O & E Team at enroll@mpca.net if you need any assistance using the tools or templates provided.

Infographic: What You Can Do To Lower Your Cancer Risk

Check out the new MCC survivorship resource page with information and links to organizations known to help cancer patients with many aspects of survivorship. Cancer Survivor Resources

MCC Implementation Progress Report to the Membership (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2012)

September 2013 revision of Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan for Michigan, 2009-2015

Breast Density Fact Sheet and Patient Brochure
The Breast Cancer Advisory Committee (BCAC) convened a workgroup of committee members to discuss impacts, from a scientific standpoint, of screening recommendations for women with dense breasts.  The group developed a fact sheet,” Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk” and proposed that it, along with a patient brochure, “Breast Density, Breast Cancer Screening” published by the American College of Radiology, be made available to MCC members, other professional organizations, and healthcare providers.

The MCC Board of Directors agreed with this recommendation at the June BOD meeting. 

Cancer in Michigan, 2009 - An Assessment of the Cancer Burden in Michigan - A report from the Michigan Department of Community Health (May 2013)

 "Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program Cancer Inquiry System"
The Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program Cancer Inquiry System provides current information on cancer incidence and mortality rates in Michigan. Through the Cancer Inquiry System, people can select criteria such as cancer site, sex, race/ethnicity, as well as use an interactive map to view and better understand the burden of cancer by county or from a statewide perspective.

Members in the News

  NewSt. John Providence Health System recently hosted the giant colon in recognition of March being colorectal cancer awareness month. As part of the awareness activities, MCC co-chair Dr. Ernie Drelichman gave a lecture on colorectal cancer.

Susan G. Komen representatives joined Sen. Glenn Anderson, Rep. Amanda Price and Gov. Snyder in the signing of the law authorizing a license plate to help fund the Michigan Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program. Click HERE for a picture and additional details.

  NewU-M study shows that doctors are slow to embrace recommended HPV testing.

Cancer Awareness


MCC Annual Mtg

Your Colon and You video

What your organization can do to help fight cancer

2012 MCC Implementation Progress Report to the Membership


March 2012 revision of Michigan's cancer plan
September 2013 revision