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Thank you to all MCC Member Organizations that completed submission of Implementation Progress Report activities for the 2013 calendar year. The Consortium reached a milestone that has never been met before and that is a 90.6% response rate!! Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. Results will be presented in the MCC’s Annual Report to be released this fall.

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E-Cigarettes: Learn about the health, safety, social and clinical concerns of e-cigarette use; current regulations and; a call to action for the health community.

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Using tobacco affects cancer treatment, wound healing, and the risk getting a second cancer.  It is never too late to quit tobacco, and there are free resources to help.  Click HERE for a brochure for cancer patients highlighting the benefits of quitting tobacco after receiving a cancer diagnosis.
YouTube Why Cancer Patients Should Quit Tobacco (1:43)

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MCC Prostate Cancer Action Committee co-chair, Ted Skolarus, MD,  is one of the authors of the new American Cancer Society prostate cancer survivorship care guidelines.

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Success Stories
Michigan Cancer Consortium and Comprehensive Cancer Control Local Implementation Grants

Click on each agency below to read more about the good work that has been done as a result of five local implementation grants including: District Health Department #10, Health Department of Northwest Michigan, PATH (Personal Action Toward Health), West Michigan Cancer Center, and Western Upper Peninsula District Health Department.

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Survivorship Care Plan Project

The Survivorship Care Plan Project is Underway
Twenty Michigan cancer centers and health systems are participating in the Survivorship Care Plans Learning Collaborative, a partnership between MCC and Michigan Department of Community Health Cancer Prevention and Control Section.  These 20 organizations will spend the next six months developing, implementing, and expanding, their survivorship care plan processes to meet the Commission on Cancer’s standard for survivorship care plans.  The learning collaborative will provide participating clinics and systems with the opportunity to learn from each other as they work through care plan policy development.  The organizations will also receive guidance on best practices and additional resources to help them through the process.

The participating organizations are listed below:

  • Allegiance Health
  • Covenant Health Care
  • Hurley Medical Center
  • Karmanos Cancer Center
  • Lakeland HealthCare
  • Marquette General Hospital
  • McLaren Bay Region
  • McLaren Central Michigan
  • McLaren Flint
  • McLaren Greater Lansing
  • McLaren Macomb
  • McLaren Oakland
  • Oaklawn Oncology and Hematology
  • Oakwood Healthcare System, Inc.
  • Providence Cancer Institute
  • Sparrow Regional Cancer Center
  • Spectrum Health
  • St. Mary’s of Michigan
  • U of M Cancer Center
  • West Michigan Cancer Center