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Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan for Michigan, 2009 – 2015 (September 2013 revision)

front cover of Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan for Michigan, 2009-2015 - March 2012 revision
 The MCC has developed its Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan for directing cancer control efforts during 2009 - 2015. The plan represents the collective wisdom of a wide range of individuals and organizations in our state, from nationally recognized cancer experts to state health care leaders to health care providers to insurers to representatives of community-based organizations, all working together to achieve our common goals.

The plan is organized into two subsections: 1) Goals for 2009 - 2015, and 2) Maintenance Projects.

MCC goals are comprised of specific objectives and strategies and include supporting data and health disparity information. Every goal area has an associated goal-specific plan that includes what experts believe to be the most important activities that can be addressed during the next few years to reduce the toll of cancer in Michigan. Each cancer topic addresses three key areas — health disparities, access to care, and emerging science and technology — that cut across all goals within the plan where applicable.

The MCC goals will be accomplished through the cooperative, collaborative efforts of dozens of public and private organizations throughout our state. As MCC members and partners implement strategies from within this plan, it is expected to produce a synergy that will have an impact far greater than that which might have been accomplished by these agencies, organizations and individuals working independently of one another.

Resources for implementation continue to face restrictions in both the public and private sectors. Efforts to seek, secure and track resources to support the implementation of activities outlined within this plan will continue. A resource plan for the MCC has been developed.

We encourage you to download a copy of the Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan for Michigan, 2009-2015 (September 2013 revision) and then contact the MCC to find out how your organization can become involved in this groundbreaking effort to eliminate the social, personal and economic costs that cancer imposes on our families, friends and neighbors.

Download the complete September 2013 revised plan (available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document; file is 1.69 MB)*

Download sections of the September 2013 revised plan as individual files:

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