Cancer Plan Dashboard, 2016-2020


Welcome to the dashboard of the Michigan Cancer Plan! The dashboard was created in effort to display up-to-date information on all 36 objectives in the Plan. Click on each objective to see the most recent data.


The objectives are organized by the goal areas:

  • Prevent cancer from occurring
  • Promote early detection of cancer using tests that have been shown to reduce mortality
  • Diagnose and treat all patients using the most effective and appropriate methods
  • Optimize quality of life for every person affected by cancer


The four MCC priorities for 2016-2018 are highlighted within each goal area. The MCC Evaluation Committee is responsible for monitoring and updating the dashboard as data is available. Please note that not all data is released annually.


Four pillars span the Cancer plan and should be incorporated into the implementation of the strategies. These focus areas include:

1. Policy, Systems, and Environmental Changes

2. Healthy Equity

3. Partnerships

4. Evaluation


Last Updated on March 22, 2016