Cancer Genomics - Patient Resources

Fact Sheets:

  • Patient Education Fact Sheet
    This fact sheet, made available by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, provides information relative to the BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations (March 2015).

Websites of Interest:
  • Inside Cancer
    This website offers users a multimedia guide to the physical aspects of cancer. Through animations and expert interviews, visitors learn the hallmarks of cancer, cancer causes and prevention, cancer diagnosis and treatment, and cancer pathways.
  • Understanding Cancer Genomics – National Cancer Institute
    This website contains graphic-rich tutorials for educational use by life science teachers, medical professionals, and the interested public. Resources are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Genetic Testing – National Cancer Institute: Some inherited gene changes can lead to an increased risk of certain cancers.  Genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes is discussed
  •  Cancer and Your Family Health History – Michigan Cancer Consortium
    Some kinds of cancer are inherited.  Follow these three steps to find if cancer runs in your family and what to do if there is a history of cancer in your family  
  • U.S. Surgeon General's My Family Health Portrait
    This family health history tool helps consumers assemble and share family health history information, as well as, help practitioners to use health history information to provide informed and personalized care for patients. 
  • Understanding Genetics
    This website offers a wealth of information for health care professionals and patients (some in Spanish). It includes a section on the genetics of cancer and the genetics of specific cancers (i.e., breast, colorectal, kidney, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, thyroid cancers and melanoma). It also contains resources on genetic counseling, genetic testing and sharing results with family.
  • Michigan's Genetics Resource Center
    This website is intended to be a one-stop site for genetics information in Michigan. The Genetic Literacy Section provides links to publications, courses, and Web sites that help members of the public and health professionals make the best use of genetic information for preventing disease and improving health, as well as links to resources about family support services for individuals with genetic conditions or other special health needs.
More information is available on these MCC pages: