Lung Cancer - Provider Resources

Fact Sheets:

Position Statement & Recommendations:

  • U.S. Preventive Services Task Force — Tobacco- and Lung Cancer-Related Recommendations

Lung Cancer Screening:

  • Lung Cancer Screening Decision Web Tool
    Developed by University of Michigan, this tool provides information about the benefits and harms of lung cancer screening, and contains a lung cancer risk calculator that provides an individualized assessment of screening eligibility and the benefits and harms given the individual's risk. The tool also provides information about smoking cessation and radon lung cancer risk.

Websites of Interest:
    • Medscape Resource Center — Lung Cancer : A collection of the latest medical news and information about lung cancer diagnosis, treatment, follow up, and images. This resource center includes news, conference summaries, articles, editorials, journal scans, treatment updates, clinical management modules, MEDLINE abstracts, and more.

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