Prostate Cancer - Patient Resources

Education Materials:

  • Help after Treatment:   Managing Health Care Concerns after Prostate Cancer – Michigan Cancer Consortium
    Men with prostate cancer often have troubling symptoms that continue after treatment has ended. A series of 14 guides have been developed to help men manage these symptoms that can occur following treatment. Each guide describes a symptom, gives practical tips for managing it, and indicates when further professional help is needed. All are available in English, Spanish and Arabic addressing the following concerns:
    • "Bowel Problems After Radiation"
    • "Brittle Bones From Hormone Therapy"
    • "Coping with Cancer Stress — Skills for Patients and Caregivers"
    • "Coping with Hormone Changes from Prostate Cancer Treatment"
    • "Dealing With Strong Feelings About Cancer"
    • "Fatigue — Feeling Tired or Worn Out"
    • "Feeling Like a Man After Prostate Cancer Treatment"
    • "Listening and Talking — Family Communication and Prostate Cancer"
    • "Losing Your Hair"
    • "Sexual Side Effects"
    • "Staying Hopeful When the Future is Uncertain"
    • "Support for the Spouses/Partners of Prostate Cancer Patients"
    • "Urine Leaks After Prostate Cancer Treatment"
    • "Urine Problems After Radiation"

Websites of Interest:

  • Prostate Cancer – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Here, you will find information about the burden of prostate cancer, early detection, and treatment.
  • US TOO
    Us TOO is a grassroots organization started by prostate cancer survivors to serve prostate cancer survivors and their spouses/partners and families it is dedicated to communicating timely and reliable information enabling informed choices regarding detection and treatment of prostate cancer.

More information is available on these MCC pages: