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  • New MCC logo was created to recognize the 20 Year Anniversary
  • Developed and disseminated the Financial Navigation for People Undergoing Cancer Treatment report
  • Publication of the Michigan Journal of Public Health Special Issue: Michigan Cancer Consortium
  • Approved the revised MCC Mission and Vision statements to reflect the commitment to addressing health disparities
  • Improved information sharing by adding a health equity page to the MCC website and established the MCC Health Equity Speakers Bureau (also on the MCC website) at
  • The MCC Membership Application was revised to include health equity, community, and geographical questions to ensure a more complete picture of the populations served by MCC member organizations
  • Camara Jones, MD, nationally recognized  health equity expert, was the MCC Annual Meeting keynote speaker
  • Hiam Hamade, BSN, MA, MPH, of MCC member organization ACCESS, received the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Comprehensive Cancer Control Program’s Carol Friedman Award


  • Updated the MCC Priority Dashboard to include select health disparities in Michigan
  • Developed one page infographic on Michigan's cancer burden
  • Completed work plans for 4 MCC priorities
  • Achieved 9 Cancer Plan objectives (2016 - 2017)
    • Prevention
      • Smokeless Tobacco
      • Binge drinking adolescent
      • Radon Testing
      • Genetic counseling
    • Early Detection
      • Breast cancer mortality
    • Diagnosis and Treatment
      • Cancer treatment clinical trials
      • Hospital based palliative care services
    • Quality of Life
      • Poor mental health
      • Post treatment checkups
  • Achieved 2 MCC Priorities (2016 - 2017)
    • By 2020, increase percentage of Michigan adults participating in cancer treatment clinical trials from 4.4% to 4.8%
    • By 2020, increase the number of Michigan adults diagnosed with cancer who report they received instructions about where to return or who to see for routine cancer check-ups after compelting treatment for cancer from 46.6% to 57.1%
  • Selected new priorities for 2018 through 2019






  • Celebrated the MCC's 15 year anniversary
  • Convened first MCC Regional meeting
  • Developed the MCC Policy Committee and Health Disparities Workgroup Priorities document 
  • Convened discussion forums on the Affordable Care Act which included payers, health systems, oncology practices and Michigan Consumers for Healthcare
  • Continued the Tobacco Cessation Collaborative
  • Offered Colorectal and Lung Cancer webinars to address health disparities and policy issues

2012 - 2008

  • The MCC Challenge received first place in the I’m Your Community Guide contest (2012)
  • Developed the What you Can Do to Fight Cancer in Michigan document that helped to direct activities by MCC Organization type (2012)
  • Began the MCC Challenge with member organizations to assess their health care benefits and employee policies (2011)
  • The Ron Davis Smokefree Air Law went into effect on May 1, 2010
  • Colorectal cancer was added as a Special Project (2010)
  • Received the Heroes of Breast Cancer Leadership Award from Karmanos Cancer Institute (2009)
  • Developed the poster Get to Know your Family Health History in English in support of a Family History campaign (2009)
  • Implementated five special projects: Breast and Cervical Cancers, Genetics, Survivorship and Tobacco (2009)
  • Prostate Cancer Symptom Management Guides developed in English, Spanish and Arabic (2009)
  • The MCC celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary (2008)

2007– 2003

2002 - 1987

  • The Special Cancer Behavioral Risk Factor Survey (SCBRFS) was completed (2002)
  • The first MCC progress Report to the membership was released (2001)
  • Clinical Trials priority was accomplished (2001)
  • The MCC website became operational (2000)
  • The first executive committee began (1998 – 1999)
  • MCC Priorities for cancer control in Michigan were put in place based upon Advisory Committee recommendations (1998-1999)
  • The MCC had 31 founding member organizations (1996 – 1997)
  • Developed and disseminated breast cancer treatment options (1987 – 1996)
  • Developed and disseminated professional guidelines to reduce breast  and cervical cancer mortality (1987 – 1996)
  • The Michigan Cancer Consortium formed to advise the state health agency on its cancer control activities (1987)