Cancer Control Guiding Principles

The purpose of a cancer control initiative is to reduce cancer incidence, mortality and morbidity. These goals are being accomplished through the Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC), which is the central forum for leadership in cancer control in Michigan. Essential to such an initiative are fundamental principles that guide both the Consortium’s decisions and the process it uses to periodically establish priorities.

The following guiding principles are believed to be essential for an effective approach to cancer control:

Principle 1: The MCC’s collective focus should be on cancers with a significant disease burden.

Principle 2: Cancer control priorities should be established based upon:

  • opportunities and potential to significantly reduce cancer incidence, mortality and morbidity through prevention, detection, treatment, rehabilitation, and/or palliation;
  • feasibility; and
  • capacity for collaborative partnerships among public health agencies, private organizations, cancer centers, and all other interested agencies and organizations to carry out recommended cancer control activities.

Principle 3: Decisions should be data driven when feasible.

Principle 4: The MCC will seek financial and other resources to support initiatives. Resources should be efficiently used.

Principle 5: Efforts to increase awareness and share strategies to reduce the burden of cancer disparities faced by ethnically diverse and underserved populations will be supported.

Principle 6: All Michigan residents should have knowledge of, and access to, quality comprehensive cancer control services across the continuum of care.

Principle 7: The process to identify, implement and evaluate cancer control priorities should be timely.

Principle 8: Effective strategies undertaken by MCC partners to address cancer control priorities should be maintained and sustained, when appropriate.

Principle 9: The MCC serves as a resource for policy makers regarding cancer control issues, but does not engage in lobbying.

Principle 10: The MCC promotes comprehensive cancer control planning and implementation at the local (community) level and supports community driven projects and programs to improve cancer control.

These Guiding Principles were approved by the MCC membership on Nov. 15, 2006.