Mission, Vision and Vision Milestones

Mission Statement*

The MCC is a statewide, broad-based partnership that strives to include all interested public and private organizations and provides a forum for collaboration (communication, coordination, and the sharing of resources) to reduce the burden of cancer among the residents of Michigan by achieving the Consortium's research-based and results-oriented cancer prevention and control priorities. (Revised June 2015)

Vision Statement**

The MCC is a statewide cancer control leader, recognized for:

  • A dynamic, timely, conscientious response to evolving scientific knowledge, and
  • Achievement of or exceeding its established goals in cancer reduction and palliation through member synergy.

Vision Milestones*

Vision Milestone 1: The MCC is effective in achieving the MCC priorities as evidenced by quantitative and qualitative measures.

Vision Milestone 2: The MCC has developed and implemented a dynamic process that is responsive to opportunities to improve cancer control.

Vision Milestone 3: The MCC reassesses our priorities as needed.

Vision Milestone 4: The MCC people/organizations are fully engaged, committed, collaborative, and responsive to MCC issues and priorities.

Vision Milestone 5: The MCC continues to grow in membership and maintain our commitment to diversity.

Vision Milestone 6: The MCC has developed the infrastructure, funding and methods to sustain the MCC and the implementation of the MCC priorities.

Vision Milestone 7: The MCC member organizations will adopt the MCC established goals by incorporating them into standard practice.


*The MCC Mission Statement and Vision Milestones were approved by the MCC Board of Directors on Sept. 27, 2006.

**The MCC Vision Statement was approved by the MCC Executive Committee April 11, 2002.