Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan for Michigan, 2021 – 2030

Cancer Plan for Michigan

We remain resolute in the fight against cancer as demonstrated by this newly revised Cancer Plan for Michigan. This strategic plan is for everyone in our state looking for ways to fight against cancer. Approximately 80 people participated in the five workgroups that developed the cancer plan. Together they identified specific objectives and evidence-based strategies organized into these five areas of focus organized along the cancer continuum of care: 

  • Promote health equity as it relates to cancer control.  

  • Prevent cancer from occurring. 

  • Detect cancer at its earliest stages. 

  • Diagnose and treat all patients using the most effective and appropriate methods. 

  • Optimize quality of life for every person affected by cancer. 

While the Cancer Plan is being implemented, we plan to watch progress and see how the actions taken are making a difference. To measure how well these actions work, targets are being used and monitored on a dashboard. 

What can you do to address cancer?

  • Read the Cancer Plan for Michigan and share it with people you know
  • See What You Can Do - Page 68

We look forward to working together with you over the next few years to actively carry out the Cancer Plan for Michigan.

Download the 2021 - 2030 Cancer Plan

The cancer plan is a living document and as advances in cancer-related research, investigation, and technology emerge, there exists an amendment process that can be followed to incorporate any new developments. With the purpose of using the most appropriate and up-to-date approaches to ease the cancer burden for fellow Michiganders, please use the following process to make necessary changes to the current cancer plan Cancer Plan Amendment Process

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