MCC Inspiration Award (for survivors)

No one should face cancer alone. Courageous, determined, resolute, faithful; these are the faces of cancer survivors. This award is given to someone who exemplifies these words and lifts up others in the face of their own diagnosis.

MCC Inspiration Award ~ criteria
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2020 MCC Inspiration Award Recipient - Amanda Crowell Itliong

Amanda Crowell Itliong has a background in leadership and education, but has refocused her efforts to advance patient advocacy. She works tirelessly on behalf of ovarian cancer patients and is always generous with her time and energy despite her own personal health challenges. She demonstrates her patient advocacy passion through her writing, speaking, and service with organizations such as the Survivors Teaching Students and the American College of Radiology.

Amanda was a pioneer on the inaugural Millennial Trains Project with her work “Sick AND…” which researched the shared identity of chronic illness. She has been a storyteller for “The Moth,” and a speaker advocate for Health Care Voter and Priorities USA.

In spite of several relapses with her cancer, Amanda has worked over the past several years to help design a comprehensive curriculum: “Education, Alliance, Solace and Empowerment” (EASE) to complement ovarian cancer patients' care and management. In this unique program, patients starting treatment within a similar time period of diagnosis, will begin group appointments together. EASE focuses on six key components:

  • cancer basics
  • chemotherapy
  • diet and exercise
  • complementary and alternative medicine
  • intimacy
  • psychosocial support

Amanda helped create this innovative program with Michigan Medicine Faculty, wrote a grant, and received funding from Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MIOCA).

In addition, Amanda is a loyal, engaged member of Michigan Oncology Quality Consortium’s (MOQC) Patient and Caregiver Quality Oncology Council (POQC). This allows her voice to be heard by over 90% of the medical oncologists in the State. Her role includes participating in regional and biannual meetings where she shares, in meaningful ways, the perspective of a cancer survivor with physicians and practice leadership. Her direct and honest presentations have assisted membership to “see” improvements in care through the eyes of a patient. Consequently, practices have adjusted their approaches using her insights, which result in more patient-centric activities.

She is a daily inspiration.