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Cancer Clinical Trials Coversheet - The Michigan Cancer Consortium strongly supports facilitation of patient participation in cancer clinical trials. The Affordable Care Act REQUIRES that insurers cover the cost of routine care for a person in a clinical trial. This cover sheet was created for use in situations when elements of the clinical trial need clarification, such as when prior authorization is required.

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Cancer research leads to improvement in cancer prevention and care.  For provider and patient information about CLINICAL TRIALS go to:

Additional Provider Tools

  • The Role of Primary Care Providers

    An infographic developed by the MCC Clinical Trial Workgroup for primary care providers describing the benefits of cancer clinical trials and their role with helping patients enroll.

  • About Clinical Trials:  ACT - Clinical Trials Matching Service: (877) 970-7848
    This is a unique, on-line resource that features unscripted interviews with clinical trial participants, physicians, patient rights advocates, and others. The videos include: Why Should I Consider a Cancer Clinical Trial?, How Will I Know if a Clinical Trial is Right for Me?, How Should I Prepare for Discussions with My Doctor?, What Standards are in Place to Safeguard Trial Participants?, What is Informed Consent?, and Where Can I Turn for Information and Support? Also included is a helpful Clinical Trial Discussion Guide to assist providers and patients when having a conversation about clinical trials.  

  • American Cancer Society (ACS) – Clinical Trials Matching Service (800) 303-5691
    If you are a patient, a family member or a health care worker, this site provides cancer support, treatment and clinical trial information.  The ACS Clinical Trial Matching Service will help find clinical trials most appropriate to a patient’s medical and personal situation. 
    Call:  1-800-303-5691 to speak to a trained clinical trial specialist or go to Live Chat to talk to a specialist online.

  • (BCT) is a non-profit service that encourages individuals affected by breast cancer to consider clinical trials as a routine option for care.  In addition to the useful  Myths & Facts resource for patients, BCT’s matching tool can assist you in finding the breast cancer trials that are right for your patients. 

  • EmergingMed  – Clinical Trials Matching Service:  (877) 601-8601
    Clinical Trial Specialists will help you quickly identify cancer clinical trials that match your specific diagnosis, stage and treatment history.

  • Research Match: Quick and simplified way to search research studies available to you on the site

Websites of Interest:

  • Clinical Trial - MCC Organizations
    There are several MCC Partners that offer clinical trial services. Review this MCC page for additional information.
  • NCI Research Resources
    The NCI Research Resources web site is integral to NCI’s commitment to provide basic, clinical and epidemiological researchers with tools and resources to facilitate cancer research. These NCI-developed products and services are available without extensive negotiations or intellectual property issues. The NCI Research Resources web site was developed to better enable access to these resources and to promote their use by members of the scientific community.

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