Symptom Management - Patient Resources

Palliative Care: 

ASCO Answers:  Palliative Care
This American Society for Clinical Oncology palliative care booklet educates patients on the support and care provided to all cancer patients regardless of their stage of cancer.  This includes how palliative care can assist patients with symptom management and the side effects of cancer and its treatment as well maintaining their quality of life.

Palliative Care in Cancer –  National Cancer Institute
This webpage describes palliative care and how it can improve the quality of life of those with a serious illness

Palliative Care Provider Directory of Hospitals
This site has a directory of hospitals in Michigan that are part of the National Palliative Care Registry and provide palliative care services. Links to several resources for cancer patients and caregivers are also provided.

Pain Management: 

  • Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) - Healthy Programs in Michigan
    PATH is a six week class where adults with chronic health conditions, and their family members, learn valuable self-management skills for controlling symptoms. The course consists of lessons that focus on personal action plans and goal setting. The website provides information about where sessions are offered around Michigan.