Tobacco Control - Patient Resources

Tobacco Cessation Assistance:

  • Free Help to Quit Smoking - National Cancer Institute: Talk with a NCI smoking cessation counselor for help quitting and answers to smoking-related questions in English or Spanish.  Call offers telephone advice (1-877-448-7848, M-F, 9 am - 9 pm)
  • Michigan Tobacco Quitline: The Michigan Tobacco Quitline offers free information and referral to all Michigan residents. You may also qualify for free one-on-one coaching and nicotine replacement therapy to help you quit. Call 1-800-784-8669 (1-800-QUIT-NOW) to see how the Michigan Tobacco Quitline program can help you. 

  • Quit Tobacco Tools and Resources Michigan Department of Health and Human Services: This webpage provides links to Quit Tobacco resources including the Michigan Tobacco Quitline.

  • Tobacco Dependence Treatment Resources for Patients and Providers – MCC Lung Cancer Early Detection Workgroup: Quitting tobacco information and resources that will help both patients and providers – whether you’re a provider counseling patients to quit or a person who is seeking help quitting tobacco. (2016).
  • MOQC Tobacco Cessation Initiative: Michigan Tobacco QuitlineThis video provides information on the Michigan Tobacco Quitline and tools to quit smoking.

Websites of Interest:

  • QuitNet: QuitNet brings proven scientific methods to the web to deliver support to smokers. Free resources including: quitting guides; a quitting calendar and a pharmaceutical guide. Personalized services for those that register include quitting tools and tips, and anniversary e-mails. QuitNet operates in association with the Boston University School of Public Health.

  • – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: This website provides a variety of resources to help people quit smoking.

Smokeless Tobacco:

  • My Last Dip: A web-based research project to help people quit using smokeless tobacco 

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